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Following is a list of recent research reports prepared by analysts within CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange Division (KED). If you would like to obtain a copy of a KED research report, please contact either your CoBank relationship manager or send an e-mail to the Knowledge Exchange Division at

Quarterly U.S. Rural Economic Review
Mounting Oversupplies and Trade Uncertainties Roiling the Agricultural Markets, Q1-2017
Massive Grain and Oilseed Stocks Weigh on Commodity Markets, Q4-2016
Record U.S. Harvests Disrupt the Grain Market Dynamics, Q3-2016
Price Volatility Returns to Agriculture, Q2-2016
Agricultural Challenges Mount as Prices and Margins Wane, Q1-2016
Lower Commodity Prices Persist, Q4-2015
Larger Supplies Continue to Challenge U.S. Agriculture, Q3-2015
Mounting Agricultural Supplies Pressuring Prices, Q2-2015
Agricultural Markets Settle into Lower, Narrower Price Ranges, Q1-2015
Farm Commodity Prices Realigning, Q4-2014
Toward A New Pricing Paradigm, Q3-2014
Transitions Ahead, Q2-2014
Cautious Optimism Prevails, Q1-2014
Forward Progress Instills Guarded Optimism, Q4-2013
Global Grain Harvest Sets the Stage for Rebuilding Stocks, Q3-2013
Agricultural Markets Focused on Transition from Old to the New Crop, Q2-2013
Subpar Economic Growth, Drought Relief, and Upbeat Crop Prospects, Q1-2013
Weak Global Growth and Continuing Crop Concerns, Q4-2012
Sputtering Global Economy and Drought-Impaired Agricultural Markets, Q3-2012
Mounting Economic Woes and Rising Crop Concerns, Q2-2012
At an Inflection Point?, Q1-2012
Risks and Rewards, Realigning, Q4-2011

Animal Protein
Global Pork Trade Profile & Outlook
Elevators Look to Feed Wheat to Lighten Load
Dairies Use Genetics to Manage through Beef Price Decline
The Animal Protein Markets in 2016: Bolstered by Resilient Domestic Demand
What's Behind the Cattle Market Price Collapse?
U.S. Protein Supply Heading Higher in 2015-16
Current Status and Implications of the HPAI Virus
Feeder Cattle Supply Outlook
What's Ahead for U.S. Chicken Industry Exports?
The U.S. Chicken Industry: Re-invented and Revitalized

Telecom Network Evolution and its Impact on the Rural Telecom Industry
2016 USF Reform – Further Implementation of the 2011 USF/ICC Transformation Order
The Evolution and Reinvention of Rural Telecom Networks
Rural America Prospers on High-Speed Internet and Connectivity
Farmers Harvest Gigabytes with Broadband and Wireless Technology
Bridging the Rural/Urban Digital Divide
Home Automation – Converting the Cable Industry's Triple Play into a Homerun
Transformation Order Report Card
Cable Embraces Shifting Competitive Landscape
SaaS and UCaaS - New Opportunities for Rural Service Providers
Is the Cloud Eclipsing the PC?
Data Centers: The Business of E-Warehouses
Survival of the Fittest: The Transformation of the Communications Industry

Dairy Processing and Production
The U.S. Organic Dairy Industry – Booming Demand with Room to Grow
Genomics – Game-Changer for the Dairy Industry
Federal Milk Marketing Orders - Helping to Shape the Evolving Dairy Industry
Future of the U.S. Dairy Industry Hinges on Exports
The FDA's New Veterinary Feed Directive – Dairy Q & A Fact Sheet
U.S. Milk Powder - How Long Will the Current Global Glut Persist?
Challenges Facing the Dairy Production Industry: Dairy Lenders' Perspectives
EU Dairy Quota Sunset, Part II: Potential Impacts on World Exports
Federal Milk Marketing Orders and their Role in Dairy Pricing
EU Dairy Quota Sunset, Part I: EU Quota and Milk Production
Dairy Ingredients: Opportunities and Challenges
U.S. Dairy Industry's Evolving Role in the Global Marketplace: a Banker's Perspective
U.S. Dairy Product Exports: Growth Patterns, Causes and Implications

Farm Supply
The Evolving U.S. Nitrogen Landscape
Precision Agriculture - A Retailer's Perspective
Precision Agriculture - Technological Alchemy
Using Fertilizer Swaps to Reduce the Risks from Volatility in Fertilizer Prices
Lessons Learned from the 2008-09 Price Volatility for Fertilizer
Uncertainty in the Grain Belt: Navigating Today’s Volatile Fertilizer Markets

Grains, Oilseeds and Ethanol
Organic and Non-GMO Specialty Grains: Assessing the Impact and Opportunity for Growers
Grain Storage and Transportation Logistics in 2016-17
What’s Ahead for the Grain Markets and Farm Supply in 2017-19
Elevators Look to Feed Wheat to Lighten Load
Ag Retailers – Cyclical Challenges Ahead
Grain Elevators Braced for a Challenging 2016
Will Low Prices Cure Low Prices? Not this Time
Ethanol Industry Rebalances
U.S. Corn Exports Await Rebound
Railroad Transportation Congestion and Outlook
Shuttle Loaders Approaching the Saturation Point
The Future of Brazilian Grain Production
Chasing Slower Growth in Soybean Trade
Ethanol's New Path Forward
Volatility to Subside as Crop Supplies Reboot: 2014-16 Outlook
More Soybeans in 2014?
South America's Time to Shine
Delta Acreage: Cotton and Rice Give Ground to Corn and Soybeans
Change on the Rural Horizon: Managing the Expansion of Grain Storage in the Corn Belt

Power, Energy and Water
Rural Water Systems – Insiders’ Perspectives on the Industry’s Major Challenges
The U.S. Coal Industry: Shrinking But Not Dying
Implications of the Solar ITC Extension for Electric Cooperatives
Managing the Colorado River in the 21st Century: Shared Risks and Collaborative Solutions
Banking on Renewables
Managing Agriculture and Water Scarcity in Colorado (and Beyond)
U.S. Natural Gas Outlook through 2020: Demand Is the New Captain of the Ship
Geopolitical Reverberations of Low Oil Prices
Oil Prices Drowning in their Own Over-Supply
The Solar Industry's Evolving Role in the Nation's Energy Future
Ogallala Aquifer - Lifeblood of the High Plains, Part II: Efforts to Extend Its Life
Ogallala Aquifer - Lifeblood of the High Plains, Part I: Withdrawals Exceed Recharge
Elevated Expectations for U.S. Solar Industry
U.S. Electricity Sales: In Need of a Jumpstart
Challenges Ahead for the Water Utilities: Bridging the Cap-Ex Funding Gap
Assessing the Creditworthiness of Municipal Water Utilities
Shale Gas and Oil Drilling and the Debate Over Hydraulic Fracturing
Primer on the U.S. Solar Industry: Risks and Opportunities
Economic Update: Economies in Transition

Specialty Crops
Cranberry Industry: Multilayered and Multi-tiered
Florida’s Beleaguered Citrus Industry: At a Crossroads
Is the U.S. Tree Nut Industry Nearing the End of its Golden Run?
Genetically Engineered Foods - Scientific Miracles or Minefields?
California Almonds - A Stunning Success Story, But Is It Sustainable?
Colony Collapse Disorder: The Honey Bee Epidemic?
Peanut Butter Recall: A Case Study in Food Safety
Citrus Greening: Perspectives from Florida and California

Headwinds in Agriculture
What’s Ahead for the U.S. Solidwood Industry: A Farm Credit Lenders’ Perspective
California Drought and its Economic Impact on Agriculture in 2016
OPEC Cohesion Severely Strained
Key Issues Facing the U.S. Timber Industry: A Farm Credit Lenders’ Perspective
Argentina: New President Making Constructive Policy Changes
Don’t Blame China’s Economy for Its Slowing Agricultural Imports
California Drought in 2015 and its Economic Impact on Agriculture
Are We in the Down Phase of a Commodity Super-Cycle?
The Opening of Mexico's Energy Sector
Crisis in Ukraine: Political Outlook and Its Implications for the Global Grain Markets
California Drought: Scenarios for 2014 and 2015
The Geopolitics of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Brazil's Infrastructure Outlook
How Will China's Emerging Middle Class Be Fed: Imports or Home-Grown?

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