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CoBank is a cooperatively organized financial services institution capitalized primarily by eligible borrowers, who earn equity over time commensurate with the amount of business they do with the organization. We are also capitalized by our preferred stockholders.

CoBank does not have publicly traded common stock and is not a registrant with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, as a regulated member of the Farm Credit System, the bank releases its financial results on a quarterly basis, similar to a public company. Our financial statements are designed to provide customer-owners and other stakeholders with an accurate, transparent view of CoBank’s ongoing financial performance.

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Year-end Earnings Webcast Information:
CoBank held a conference call and webcast on Thursday, March 10, 2016 to discuss year-end financial results. The call featured remarks from CoBank Chief Executive Officer Bob Engel, Chief Financial Officer David Burlage and Board Chairman Everett Dobrinski. A recording of the webcast can be accessed here.

Recent News

  • U.S. Grain Elevators Facing A Host Of Challenges In New Crop Year

    Posted 5/10/2016

    U.S. grain merchandisers are beginning the new-crop growing season facing significant challenges, according to a new research report by CoBank. Low price volatility, ample grain and oilseed inventories, slow farmer selling and an anemic export program suggest elevators are in for a difficult 2016-2017 season.

    “With no relief immediately in sight, grain merchandisers will undergo further belt-tightening in the year ahead,” said Tanner Ehmke, senior economist with CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange Division. “Most grain elevators have solid balance sheets thanks to multiple years of strong revenues. Nonetheless, pressure for consolidation will likely intensify in an environment of slimmer profit margins.”

    Amid ample inventories in the U.S. and a lackluster export market, the grain and oilseed basis markets continue to remain stagnant, offering limited opportunities for elevators to profit on old-crop basis appreciation. However, grain elevators could still stand to profit by year’s end off the opportunity to buy wider new-crop basis post-harvest, says Ehmke.

  • CoBank Reports First Quarter Financial Results

    Posted 5/5/2016

    CoBank today announced financial results for the first quarter of 2016.

    Net income for the quarter was $243.3 million, a 5 percent increase from $232.2 million in the first quarter of 2015.  The increase in earnings primarily resulted from higher net interest income, partially offset by increased operating expenses.

    Net interest income for the quarter rose 7 percent to $336.9 million, from $315.3 million in the same period last year, primarily due to higher average loan volume.

    Average loan volume rose 11 percent in the first quarter to $89.8 billion, from $80.6 billion in the same period last year. The increase was driven by higher levels of borrowing from affiliated Farm Credit associations as well as customers in a number of industries, including rural electric cooperatives, rural communications service providers, and food and agribusiness companies.

  • CoBank Announces Renewal of Sharing Success Charitable Giving Program For 2016

    Posted 3/17/2016

    CoBank, a cooperative bank serving agribusinesses, rural infrastructure providers and Farm Credit associations throughout the United States, today announced the renewal of its Sharing Success charitable contribution program for 2016. The bank’s board of directors has approved a commitment of $3 million for the program, which will be used to match donations by cooperative and other eligible customers to nonprofit organizations in their communities. 

  • CoBank Reports Full Year Financial Results For 2015

    Posted 3/1/2016

    CoBank today announced financial results for the full year and fourth quarter of 2015. CoBank reported net income of $936.7 million for the year, up 4 percent from $904.3 million in 2014. The increase was driven primarily by higher net interest income and lower net losses on debt extinguishments. Net interest income increased 3 percent to $1.3 billion, driven by higher average loan volume. Average loan volume rose 8 percent to $83.1 billion.

    “By virtually any financial measure, the year 2015 was one of exceptional performance for CoBank,” said Robert B. Engel, CoBank’s chief executive officer. “The bank recorded its 16th consecutive year of growth in profitability, an accomplishment unlikely matched by any other financial institution in the world. Loan volume and profitability reached all-time highs and credit quality, liquidity and capital levels remained very strong. Most importantly, we continued to serve our customers and fulfill our mission delivering dependable credit and financial services to vital rural industries.” Read more...

  • CoBank Contributes $250,000 To NRECA International Foundation

    Posted 2/18/2016

    CoBank announced today that the bank will contribute $250,000 in continued support of the Foundation’s rural electrification efforts in developing countries.

    “At CoBank, just like at NRECA, we see every day how important reliable, affordable power is to the quality of life and vitality of rural communities,” said Robert B. Engel, chief executive officer of CoBank. “Electrification completely transformed the rural economy here in the U.S. - and was a cornerstone in creating an economic engine for the entire country, as well as a great place for people to live and raise their families. That opportunity should not stop at our borders.” Read more...

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