Access to reliable communications is critical in today’s world, but in rural areas, access to high-speed communications is limited, creating a digital divide between rural and urban consumers that rural providers are striving to overcome – many with financial support from CoBank.

For decades, CoBank has provided loans and leases to the full range of telecommunications providers: RLECs, ILECs and CLECs, wireless and cable companies, data centers, and tower and middle-mile fiber companies.

Our capital has enabled telecommunications companies to bring broadband fiber to the home, upgrade their networks and expand to serve new territories. From small business loans to mid-size credit facilities and accessing capital markets, we work with customers of all sizes to deliver the financing they need.

  • $3.5 billion in loans to communications customers
  • 170 communications customers
  • 30+ years of supporting the communications industry
  • 19 dedicated communications loan and credit experts with more than 100 years of combined experience

Unlike many community banks, we have deep expertise in the communications industry, so we know that your debt should be collateralized by your cash flow, not real property. We also know that your needs are ever-evolving, and so we work with our customers to adjust terms as needed throughout the life of the loan.

Since CoBank is a cooperative bank, our focus is on supporting the long-term success of our customers, rather than delivering quarterly results to stockholders like commercial banks.

We offer:

  • Direct loans, including debt refinancing and lines of credit
  • Leasing options for rolling stock and infrastructure
  • Flexibility to adjust terms during the contract
  • Access to additional capital to meet new needs
  • Quick loan closings

“We have a lot of confidence in CoBank. They understand our industry and have been there for us for an awfully long time.”

John Woody, CEO, Union Wireless

As active members of the communications industry, we provide financial support to national organizations including the NTCA, Telergee Alliance and Utilities Telecom Council as well as many statewide telecommunications associations.