Across rural America, lights turn on early as our farmers, ranchers, families and businesses start their day. For more than 50 years, CoBank has been delivering financing to enable rural electric distribution cooperatives, generation and transmission cooperatives, investor owned utilities and midstream providers to fulfil their mission of providing reliable power to these rural communities.

  • More than $14 billion in loans to rural power customers
  • Nearly 750 power industry customers
  • 50 power team loan and credit experts located throughout the U.S.

CoBank has financed the breadth of power industry projects, including America’s first off-shore wind farm, some of the largest solar projects in the U.S, and multiple long-term contracted uptake arrangements for renewable energy purchase. We’ve supported smart grid technology implementations, distribution cooperatives’ entry into broadband communications as well as infrastructure upgrades and other corporate initiatives to help our customers grow their wallet share.

We offer:

  • Flexibility in structuring loans, from overnight lines of credit to term loans out to 30 years
  • Responsiveness, with some loans completed in days
  • Expertise in the power industry and a focus on our mission of supporting this vital rural industry
  • Capacity to take large hold positions supported by relationships with Farm Credit organizations and commercial banks to bring additional capital to the table – CoBank has syndicated billions of dollars of loans on behalf of our customers
  • Experience working in conjunction with RUS financing, including providing interim financing
  • Project financing to enable customers to build, manage and operate power production facilities, collateralized with revenue generated by the project
  • Leasing for fleet vehicles, office equipment, AMI meters, mining equipment and solar installations

As a committed member of the power industry, we support the NRECA, statewide organizations across the country, the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association, the Northwest Public Power Association and the National Renewable Cooperatives Organization, providing both funding and thought leadership to these and other organizations.

“CoBank’s participation was absolutely elemental here. We didn’t have the expertise to take advantage of those tax credits without the help of CoBank.”

Patrick Ledger, CEO, Arizona Generation and Transmission Cooperatives