Cash Manager

CoBank Cash Manager integrates your transaction processing with the sources of your loan and investment funds. This unique, integrated cash management solution seamlessly integrates and fully automates your loan, investment and transaction needs through CoLink.

Payables Services

Controlled Disbursement provides same day notification of final disbursement totals each day before 9 a.m. Mountain Time. Knowing the total amount to clear each day enhances your cash forecasting and planning. Several companion products are available.

  • Check Image organizes and stores canceled checks digitally. As the bank processes your checks, the system converts each item into a digital image. When you receive your monthly statement, instead of getting the original checks, you will have access to view and download an image of the front and back of each item. Multiple search options make it easy to locate specific checks. 
  • Account Reconciliation Plan (ARP) automates the reconciliation of your bank account statement, providing you more time to manage your funds and your business.\
  • Positive Pay service assists you in protecting against check fraud and provides early warning of check irregularities such as encoding errors and multiple postings.
  • Detailed Reporting provides you with the details of the previous day’s payment transactions online.  As a result, you can track individual items accurately and make key business decisions quickly.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) funds transfer gives you a reliable, efficient and cost-effective electronic system for sending and receiving payments. We offer several popular ACH applications.
  • Payroll Direct Deposit service effectively and efficiently deposits your employees’ pay on time, no matter where they bank.
  • Direct Credit/Debit service automatically provides direct credits/debits to your suppliers or customers based on the schedule that you set.
  • Tax Payment service allows you to make federal and state tax payments electronically.
  • Commercial Card Services provide the purchasing power of a credit card with the added benefits of flexible purchasing controls and detailed reporting. Our program allows you to tailor the use of each card, removing the need to have one program for travel and entertainment and a separate card program for purchasing.

Receivables Services

Automatic Cash Concentration automatically moves funds from your depository locations to CoBank — where your funds can work for you, either paying down a loan or earning interest in an investment. Funds are moved automatically, based on the dollar threshold that you set.

Remote Check Capture utilizes state-of-the-art image technology to help clear your checks faster, which can translate into fast access to funds, and all from the convenience of your office.

Merchant services allows you to accept credit and debit payment from customers and business partners.  Funds are credited to your account, often arriving faster than other accounts receivable methods.

Retail Lockbox services are ideal for a company that receives low-dollar, high-volume payments. With the use of a computer readable scan document (remittance stub, coupon or voucher), a retail lockbox can capture data used to update your accounts receivable system, reducing the cost of collections and freeing up your staff to focus on other business related activities.

Wholesale Lockbox services handle business-to-business payments. It allows incoming payments to bypass your corporate office and go directly to the bank. You reduce incoming mail handling, processing and collection float — giving you use of your money much faster.

Liquidity Services

CoBank offers two compelling options to help you capitalize on excess funds.  In addition, you can view investment rates daily as well as see your investment interest accruals through our online banking platform, CoLink. Investments are available through our alliance with Invesco Institutional Funds® and CoBank’s InvestLine services. Whichever strategy works best for you, there’s easy access to your cash — plus the rewards of competitive rates and limited risk.

  • Invesco - One of the nation’s most respected investment organizations, Invesco offers our customers expanded opportunities to invest excess funds. Invesco ranks as one of the nation’s top mutual fund families and offers six money market funds rated triple-A by Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch IBCA. Through Invesco, we offer investment options designed to meet short-term investment needs.
  • InvestLine – For attractive investment opportunities at competitive rates, InvestLine offers opportunity with no minimum investment or withdrawal limit. Maturities on these investments range from overnight to just over a year.

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