Leasing Solutions

We offer a broad range of flexible, easy-to-use leasing solutions – all targeted toward helping you achieve your financial objectives. Our rates are competitive, our requests for documentation are reasonable, and we turn around credit decisions quickly.

Flexible Terms

We base our flexible terms on the expected use and life of the equipment you’re leasing, usually between 36 and 60 months. For large projects such as plant equipment or facilities, we can develop lease terms that accommodate your installation schedule. Interim financing during the construction period may also be available to complement your lease. You can also choose your payment schedule, which is one of the benefits of leasing through us.

Lease Options

We offer multiple types of leases to best serve your financial and accounting needs: Capital Leases, Operating Leases and True Leases. We also offer several end-of-lease options for you to select based on your business needs.

What You Can Lease

You can lease almost anything you need to operate your agricultural business – passenger and commercial transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery and equipment, production equipment and facilities. You can work with any manufacturer you choose, negotiate the best price, and we will step in with the financing support.


If you want to replace older equipment, you can trade it in and apply its value against a lease. Tax benefits in this case may be tied to depreciation and interest expense rather than the lease payment.


Enhance your next vehicle lease with the benefits of FleetPartner. We offer programs that include acquisition, maintenance, fuel, renewal and reporting. We also have programs for forklifts, trailers and heavy-duty trucks. For more information, visit us at fleetpartner.com