CoBank 2020 Annual Customer Meeting Video Recording

Due to the COVID-19 public health situation, CoBank decided to cancel several remaining 2020 annual regional customer meetings. On Friday, March 13, we recorded our annual meeting in Wichita, Kansas, so that the content could still be shared with customers. CoBank’s 2020 Western Plains Customer Meeting featured presentations from leading experts on the economy, the political environment, business leadership, and other important topics and trends. The program was designed to provide co-op directors and managers valuable knowledge, insight and information they can use every day in both their business and personal lives.

CoBank Update

Featuring Jon Marthedal and Tom Halverson

CoBank First Vice Chair Jon Marthedal and President & CEO Thomas Halverson provide an update on CoBank and the continuing efforts of the board and management team to ensure we are running the bank well, meeting the needs of our customers, and fulfilling the mission of the bank in rural America, as well as an update on the bank’s business and financial performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility at CoBank

Featuring Jon Marthedal

CoBank First Vice Chair Jon Marthedal talks about an area that is an essential part of our mission, beyond the credit and other financial services the bank provides to its customers – the various activities that fall under the category of corporate social responsibility. Over the last couple of years, CoBank has recently increased focus on rural health care.

Outlook for the Economy

Featuring Marci Rossell

Economist Marci Rossell makes complex financial issues relevant to people’s lives, families and careers as she addresses issues at the nexus of economics, politics, culture and the media.

Building Great Leaders by Unlocking Hidden Potential

Featuring Jake Harriman

Jake Harriman is the founder and CEO of Nuru International, an organization focused on eradicating extreme poverty in the most unstable, vulnerable regions in the world in an effort to help end violent extremism.