Tom Binet

Senior Economist, Power Energy and Water

Thomas Binet is a senior economist in CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange Division, where he focuses on the energy industry, including the electric distribution, generation and transmission sectors, as well as the rural water industry.

Mr. Binet has more than ten years of business and economic analysis experience, most recently as a consultant in the Global Energy & Utilities Practice at PA Consulting Group. While at PA, he led economic impact analyses and advised investor owned utilities, generation and transmission companies, and electric distribution companies across the U.S. He also previously held roles in the cabinets of former Colorado governors Ritter and Hickenlooper, including as business development manager in charge of advancing the business climate for Colorado’s power, energy and water industries.

Mr. Binet earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in International Relations and Chinese Language from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is completing a master’s degree in Applied Economics with a Financial Economics Concentration from Johns Hopkins University.


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