Billy Beane

Executive Vice President of the Oakland Athletics and Inspiration for the Film, “Moneyball”

Considered one of the most progressive and talented baseball executives in the game today, Billy Beane molded the Oakland Athletics into one of professional baseball’s most successful teams after taking over as general manager following the 1997 season. Mr. Beane implemented a statistical methodology that led the Oakland A's, one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball with one of the lowest payrolls, to six American League West division titles. That strategic methodology has come to be known as the “Moneyball” philosophy, named for the bestselling book and Oscar-nominated film.

In 2013, Mr. Beane was named Major League Baseball Executive of the Year for the second time by Baseball America. Today, his methodology has been adopted by organizations across industries as a way to more effectively, efficiently, and profitably manage assets, talent, and resources. He has helped to shape how modern businesses leverage big data and employ analytics for long-term success.