Curt Cronin

Expert on Leading High-Performance Teams, Former Navy SEAL

During his 19 years as a Navy SEAL, Curt Cronin deployed 13 times and spent more than four years overseas. In that time, he honed his talent and rose to eventually lead the nation’s premier SEAL assault force. As a SEAL leader, he maximized his team’s effectiveness by forging unique and unlikely alliances. Curt’s experiences as a SEAL reinforced his fundamental belief that the competitive edge for any organization in the information age is neither technology nor information, but the unparalleled power of an aligned team.

In addition to his combat experience, Mr. Cronin is an entrepreneur and innovator. Currently CEO of Ridgeline Partners, he capitalizes on his combined experiences and lessons from the military, academic and business worlds to advise numerous organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to niche startups on how to promote a culture of execution and innovation. Prior to Ridgeline Partners, he co-founded Mastery Technologies, Inc., a global talent solutions firm, and before that, began his entrepreneurial career with General Stan McChrystal and the McChrystal Group, where he served as a managing partner in transformational consulting.

Mr. Cronin received his MBA through combined programs from the London School of Economics, New York University’s Stern School of Business and the HEC School of Management in Paris. He graduated fifth in his class from the United States Naval Academy and was awarded two Bronze Star Medals for combat valor and three Distinguished Meritorious Service Medals.