Greg Williams

Editor-in-Chief, WIRED Magazine

Greg Williams is a leading authority on technology trends and the ways they impact business and society. As editor-in-chief of WIRED, Mr. Williams meets the innovators, thinkers, scientists, entrepreneurs and creatives who are changing the world and writes on a variety of subjects, including innovation, technology, business, creativity and ideas.

A journalist and author of five novels, Mr. Williams served as the executive editor of WIRED for seven years before taking the publication’s helm. He is an expert on genuinely transformative trends, staying connected to world-changing technologies, ideas and companies.

Mr. Williams has written for numerous publications including The Guardian, The Observer, Arena, The Face, Details and Newsweek. His writing takes complex subjects and ideas and transforms them into informative and entertaining articles that allow his audience to gain insight into the trends and technologies that will impact the world.

Mr. Williams enjoys an international career, has lived in both London and New York, and he travels regularly in search of transformative people and ideas. As a speaker, he has delivered keynote presentations across Europe and America including Moscow’s Strelka Insistute, London’s Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and Oxford University.