Mike Allen

Co-founder and Executive Editor, Axios

Mike Allen is one of Washington’s most influential and well-connected journalists. He is the co-founder and executive editor of Axios, a new company delivering news and insights on politics, business, media and tech. The company, whose name means worthy in Greek, specializes in high-quality news and analysis easily shared among the country’s influential readers and across social platforms.

In addition to starting Axios, Mr. Allen was a co-founder and chief White House correspondent at POLITICO, the digital media company that follows political and policy journalism in Washington, New York and Europe. His journalistic experience helped him hone his non-partisan, energetic and up-to-the-minute insider perspective on the political issues of the day, the Trump administration, the Republican Congress, and building a business in an unsteady economy.

Mr. Allen was the founding father of the successful daily email tip-sheet Playbook. Vanity Fair said, “Reading Playbook is as close as you can come on a Washington morning to knowing everything,” and in 2017, named him to its “New Establishment List,” an annual compilation of industry titans. The New York Times called him, “… the man the white house wakes up to.” Mr. Allen also won the White House Correspondents’ Association’s Merriman Smith Memorial Award for “Outstanding Presidential Coverage on Deadline” in 2004.