No Barriers

America’s rural communities are home to millions of men and women who have served in our armed forces, many of whom are living with a disability. CoBank has partnered with No Barriers USA and our customers to honor and support these veterans by, each year, sponsoring up to 50 rural veterans with disabilities to experience the No Barriers Warriors program. Our sponsorship covers all associated costs for each veteran participant.

The CoBank/No Barriers program for rural veterans provides an opportunity for veterans with disabilities to challenge their own limitations, both real and perceived, physical and mental. Through successfully completing demanding activities like rafting, rock climbing and hiking, participants become better-equipped to overcome the obstacles they face in their daily lives. By sharing the experience with other veterans with disabilities, they also build a network of support that can last a lifetime.

Each year, we invite CoBank customers to nominate/refer deserving veterans who are interested in this challenging and inspiring program or attending the annual No Barriers Summit.