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The Year Ahead: Forces That Will Shape the U.S. Rural Economy in 2022
December 2021

As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus is still in control of the economy.

U.S. Dairy Processors Must Be Versatile to Compete in Southeast Asia
June 2021

Over the past decade, U.S. milk production has increased by an average annual growth rate of 1.5% while domestic demand has increased at a slightly slower pace.

Dollar Divergence: US Dollar Index Does Not Reflect True Dollar Impact on US Ag Exports
February 2021

The U.S. Dollar Index saw rapid deflation in 2020 and has coincided with a rally in commodity prices. 

When the Pandemic Breaks Milk Prices: A Study in Returning to Normal
December 2020

The pandemic in 2020 caused unprecedented market volatility in dairy prices, leading to lower milk checks for dairy producers. However, the price spread is expected to realign in the first half of 2021, bringing normalcy to producer price differentials and mailbox milk prices.

Interest in California Dairy Manure Methane Digesters Follows the Money
August 2020

California’s 1.4 million dairy cows are the largest source of methane in the state, and the biggest concentration of dairy-related methane in the country. 

The Year Ahead: Forces That Will Shape the US Rural Economy in 2020
December 2019

The U.S. rural economy will continue to face headwinds in 2020 and is expected to underperform relative to the economy of urban America. 

The Year Ahead: Forces That Will Shape the US Rural Economy in 2019
January 2019

The U.S. economy is still performing well by most key measures. However, consumers, investors, companies and other market participants have become more wary about the near-term future with seemingly good reason. 

The Year Ahead: Forces That Will Shape the US Rural Economy in 2018
January 2018

U.S. cotton acreage will be up in 2018, but nowhere is that increase more transformative than in the Southwest. Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas are projected to increase planted area by 40 percent, 16 percent, and 6 percent, respectively.

Dairy Processors Race to Keep Pace with Milk Production
August 2017

Unlike other agricultural commodities, the perishability of milk requires that it be processed almost immediately after being produced. Dairy processors are faced with the challenge of handling an ever-growing supply of milk, while anticipating the right product mix to meet consumer demand.

The US Organic Dairy Industry – Booming Demand with Room to Grow
April 2017

Organic milk has experienced significant growth despite having among the highest price premiums over its conventional (non-organic) counterpart. Milk had the highest sales of any certified organic commodity in 2015 at $1.174 billion and represents about 21 percent of all agricultural organic sales.

Federal Milk Marketing Orders - Helping to Shape the Evolving Dairy Industry
December 2016

Industry consolidation on both the production and processing side has helped to even out but not eliminate some of the unbalanced market power that had previously been dominant in the industry.

Genomics - Game-Changer for the Dairy Industry
December 2016

A small but growing number of dairy producers are incorporating dairy genomics into their management decisions.

Future of the US Dairy Industry Hinges on Exports
November 2016

With domestic demand for dairy products likely to remain flat for the foreseeable future, exports will provide the biggest opportunity for U.S. dairy producers over the next several years, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The FDA's New Veterinary Feed Directive – Dairy Q & A Fact Sheet
September 2016

The latest Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Final Rule was issued in June 2015 by the Food and Drug Administration in response to the public perception that the use of antibiotics in animal feed may be leading to antibiotic resistance. 

US Milk Powder - How Long Will the Current Global Glut Persist
June 2016

The current global glut of milk powder, as reflected in the large and growing inventories held in the U.S., the EU, and New Zealand, has kept world milk powder prices depressed, with little hope of a meaningful recovery until at least 2017.

Dairies Use Genetics to Manage Through Beef Price Decline
April 2016

In 2016, U.S. dairy margins are being slugged with a 1-2 punch of soft milk prices and slashed cattle prices.