CoBank Farm Credit Leasing offers a range of flexible leasing options for vehicles, equipment and facilities that can deliver significant benefits to rural agricultural and utility businesses. We’ve been delivering leasing solutions exclusively to agriculture and rural service providers across the country for decades, and have developed unparalleled expertise in the rural industries we serve.

Leasing can make financial and business sense for a range of rural businesses including agricultural cooperatives and agribusinesses, electric distribution cooperatives, rural power generators, rural communications and water companies, and rural community facilities.

Leasing can deliver:

  • No down payments so you can retain working capital for other needs
  • Lower monthly payments to improve your cash flow
  • Lower costs as you pay for only the life of the equipment you actually use
  • Tax benefits with certain types of leases that allow you to deduct lease payments as expenses*
  • Improved efficiency and reduced maintenance costs through access to current equipment and technology

For any business, the real value of equipment lies in using it, not owning it. With CoBank Farm Credit Leasing, you can work with any manufacturer, negotiate the best price, and we’ll step in with the financing for a wide variety of the assets you need to run your business effectively and profitably.

  • Light and heavy duty vehicles, from fleet vehicles and bucket trucks to tractors and combines
  • Equipment for grain, dairy and livestock processing
  • Facilities and buildings, including grain storage and livestock barns
  • Infrastructure such as solar arrays and server farms

CoBank’s comprehensive leasing solutions include:

  • Capital, operating, true and conditional sale lease options
  • Flexible terms including length of term, frequency of payments and residual value of the equipment at lease end. Payment schedules can be set to match your cash flow and installation schedule.
  • Multiple trade-in and end-of-lease options including purchase, return or renewal
  • Competitive rates through our national footprint and strong financial capacity
  • Reasonable documentation requests and fast credit decisions, from 24 hours to within a week depending on the transaction size
  • No surprise costs for things like installation, shipping, computer software, licensing or other expenses
  • Lease syndication options for larger financing needs
  • FleetPartner programs that include acquisition, maintenance, fuel, renewal and reporting
  • Volume purchasing discounts, one-source specification and pricing comparisons, and selection assistance on transportation and material handling equipment

Succeeding in modern agribusiness and rural utilities requires the efficiency and capability of modern tools. Deciding whether to finance your needs with a lease or a loan depends on your unique situation, and should include conversations with your tax and accounting experts. To learn more about the solutions offered by CoBank Farm Credit Leasing, contact us today.

* Tax codes and decisions can be complex. You should follow IRS tax guidelines and consult with your accountant about the best financing alternative to lower your taxes. Always consult an accountant about which type of lease is right for you.