CoBank offers a wide variety of competitively priced loan products, supported by our dedicated and experienced relationship managers who understand the unique financing needs of the industries we serve and skilled at developing tailored financial solutions.

Whether our customers are looking for a few hundred thousand dollars or hundreds of millions, we take a relationship approach to meeting customer needs and working toward their long-term success. And, as a member-owned cooperative lender, we offer qualified borrowers patronage based on their loan volume, bank performance and board decision.

Intermediate- and Long-Term Loans

Fixed and variable interest rate options, and with terms from to meet your needs to fund mergers and acquisitions, land and equipment acquisition, expansion and other capital expenditures.

Short-Term Lines of Credit

Revolving lines and both fixed and variable interest rates, for seasonal and operating needs like inventories, accounts receivable, or other working capital demands.

Revolving Term Loans

Reinstatable term loans reduce interest expense while providing long-term debt capacity.

Interim and Bridge Loans

Fill financing gaps, including when working with RUS and other government program.

Construction Loans

Start repayment once your project is complete.

Acquisition Financing

Finance your merger or acquisition with our syndicated financing solutions.