Kevin A. Still

Second Vice Chair

Kevin Still is president and chief executive officer of Co-Alliance, LLP, a partnership of five cooperatives supplying energy, agronomy and animal nutrition, producing swine and marketing grain in Avon, Indiana. Mr. Still is also chief executive officer and treasurer of Excel Co-op, Inc., Frontier Co-op, Inc., IMPACT Co-op, Inc., LaPorte County Co-op, Inc., and Midland Co-op, Inc., president of Michiana Agra, LLC, and an officer of Alliance Feeds, LLC, which are agricultural retail cooperatives. Mr. Still is the chief executive officer of Agronomy Services, LLP, and president of Northwind Pork, LLC, a pork-producing operation. He is chair of Local Harvest Food, a food broker, and a director of Wholestone Farms, II, LLC, a food company. He is the owner and president of Still Farms, LLC, a grain farm.

Mr. Still joined the CoBank board in 2002 and has served as the second vice chair since 2018. He is a member of the Executive Committee and the Risk Committee.

He is a certified public accountant and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Iowa.