Electric Distribution

Across rural America, lights turn on early as our farmers, ranchers, families and businesses start their day. For more than 50 years, CoBank has been delivering critical financing to enable rural electric distribution cooperatives to fulfill their mission of providing reliable power to these rural communities. 




Loan Volume

CoBank has financed the breadth of rural electric distribution projects, including smart grid technology implementations, distribution cooperatives’ entry into broadband communications and infrastructure upgrades and other corporate initiatives to help our customers grow their wallet share. We also have extensive experience working in coordination with government loan programs, facilitating the process on behalf of our customers.

We could not do these types of capital-intensive investments without a strong partner like CoBank. They’ve been with us from day one and it’s enabled us to make critical improvements to the co-op and for the communities and members we serve.
– Todd Townsend, CFO, Ozarks Electric Cooperative

Financial Solutions

Term Loans
with maturities up to 30 years
Debt Refinancing
short-term construction and interim financing
Lines of Credit
Capital Markets Cash Management
Interest Risk Management

Industry Expertise

As a committed member of the rural electric distribution industry, we support the NRECA, statewide organizations across the country, the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association and the Northwest Public Power Association, providing both funding and thought leadership to these and other organizations.


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Bill LaDuca, Senior Vice President, Electric Distribution Division
Phone: (770) 618-3276

Doran Dennis, Regional Vice President, Western Region, Electric Distribution Division
Phone: (303) 740-4336

Lee Earhart, Regional Vice President, Eastern Region, Electric Distribution Division
Phone: (770) 618-3215

Tamra Reynolds, Regional Vice President, Southern Region, Electric Distribution Division
Phone: (303) 740-4034