Electric Distribution

CoBank offers a broad range of competitively priced, flexible loan programs, leasing services and other financial services that enable electric cooperatives to fulfill their mission of providing reliable power to rural communities.

Industry Expertise

Today, over 75% of electric distribution, transmission and generation cooperatives work with CoBank for their banking and financial needs. We finance projects of all kinds including traditional electric infrastructure investments, smart grid technology, retail broadband, DERs, utility scale and behind the meter renewables, electric vehicles and more. We also have extensive experience working in coordination with government loan programs and facilitating the process on behalf of our customers.

Fiber has dramatically changed our cooperative’s financial position for the better, and leasing our broadband assets through CoBank Farm Credit Leasing has given us a great deal of financial flexibility as we continue to deliver value to our expanding customer base.

– Jim Bagley, CEO, United Electric Cooperative

Key Partnerships

As a committed financial partner to the electric cooperative industry, we support the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, statewide organizations across the country, the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association and the Northwest Public Power Association, providing both funding and thought leadership. Over the last seven years, CoBank has been a strong supporter of NRECA International, contributing more than $2 million to help fund rural electrification efforts across the globe.

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