Cash Management

Cash Management helps you run your business by delivering tailored financial services to manage and protect incoming and outgoing payments while also simplifying your ability to pay down your loan and maximize the use of idle funds. In addition, our solutions provide a seamless connection with your line of credit, reducing the time and resources involved with managing your funds. Coupled with knowledgeable expertise specific to your business needs, our Cash Management solutions are designed to help your business thrive.

Our scalable Cash Management services provide flexible solutions for all types of businesses, from rural borrowers operating small farms to large-scale commercial producers with complex financial needs.

Our Cash Management solutions include: 

  • Payables – Ensure payments are made accurately and on time, optimize days payable outstanding and fully leverage our automated connection to your line of credit.
  • Receivables – Simplify collection of funds into one or more accounts, minimize days sales outstanding and apply collected funds to line of credit or investment opportunities.
  • Information Reporting – Access account and balance information you need to optimize working capital, review detailed reporting to improve reconciliation and easily research account transactions, images and related details.
  • Liquidity Services – Reduce interest expense with quick movement of collected funds to your line of credit, improve your ability to maximize excess funds by connecting to investment account options and access your line of credit through the use of a dedicated transaction account for payments.
  • Fraud Management – Help protect payments and accounts, access important details to make payment decisions and improve cash forecasting by reducing returns and adjustments.

Cash Management Benefits:

  • Accelerated collections, resulting in faster availability of your funds.
  • Decreased interest expense by automatically sweeping funds to reduce your line of credit balance.
  • Improved control and timing for your disbursements.
  • Reduced risk and improved protection against fraud.
  • Increased earning potential by putting idle funds to work.
  • Visibility into transaction, balance and account information for improved cash position accuracy.